"Most businesses are 'three feet from gold' when it comes to breaking through to the next level of growth within their business."

I’m Craig Valine

Marketing Performance Strategist, Investor and Coach

I Help Entrepreneurial Experts & Specialists in Their Field Solve Marketing Problems, Break-Through Growth Challenges, and Increase & Maximize Profits... Without Spending a Lot More on Marketing and Advertising.


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Three Ways to Leverage Craig's 25 Years of Marketing Experience

  • EMP ALLIANCE - Attract More, Sell More, Grow Faster!

    A monthly group of ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals sharing 'what's working now' in their marketing


    Get more done in a month than most get done in a year. Group accountability, feedback, strategy, and resources. (Application required.)


    In most cases, Craig can uncover one or more hidden areas for profit within your business in just one call together.

I am Passionate About Helping You Reach Your Goals

Over the past 25+ years, I've helped hundreds of businesses achieve results in the fastest time possible by finding overlooked marketing opportunities and marketing assets that lie dormant within a business.

  • Want more qualified, higher-paying clients?
  • Want to make more money from every client?
  • Want more repeat business from your existing clients?

Let's talk briefly to find the profit opportunities that lie uniquely within YOUR business and get you to achieve what you want most from it.

What Entrepreneurs are Saying About Craig

Jonathan Mitchell

SAT Test Prep/College Planning
Alhambra, CA

"Craig Valine is smart and highly knowledgeable about offline and online marketing. He is extremely generous and impacts those who work with him."

Lauren Herrera

Woman's Fitness, Entrepreneur
La Canada, CA

“Craig Valine opened my eyes to a brand new world of business. His willingness to help and his genuine excitement to guide success really helped my business.”

Andy Splichal

Google Shopping/Ad Words Expert
Pasadena, CA

"Craig Valine has a great skill for putting you on the right marketing direction. He has been essential to the growth of my business in both ideas and revenues."

About Craig Valine

Marketing Performance Strategist | Investor | Business Coach

Craig Valine is known for his straightforward ("No BS") style of communicating effective and powerful marketing advice. Craig is a Marketing Performance Strategist, Investor, and Business Coach with a philosophy of "getting the best, most advantageous results possible for about the same time, money, and effort you're already spending" and uncovering what he calls, "hidden marketing assets" (potential profit) within your business. 


He is the Founder of EMP Alliance (EMP = Enhanced Marketing Performance), a 13-year old member-based community for Consultants, Coaches, Experts, and Service Professionals who want to increase profits and grow their business without all the stress and overwhelm associated with it.


Craig works with clients both privately and in group formats via his EMP Alliance Community and EMP Advanced Marketing Mastermind Group.

If you want to increase your earning power, the answer is to always focus on becoming better at marketing.

"For the entrepreneurial Expert or Specialist (within your field) who has a client/patient list and is already investing in marketing..."

Are there "hidden" marketing assets and overlooked opportunities for profit lying dormant or being underutilized within your business... that, once unleashed, can be instantly exploited for profit? 

(If you have a list of past, current, and/or prospective clients/patients, I'm betting there is!)


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